Ian and Rachel’s Home Page

Gosh. This is our very own presence on the Internet. If you strayed here by mistake, we wish you well in finding whatever it was you were looking for. Otherwise, you may like to take a look at the stuff below.

Travel diaries and other photographs


I made this XSLT file to convert Konqueror bookmarks.xml to a standard HTML bookmark file that can be imported by Apple’s Safari browser. (How sad is that?) I provide it on the remote chance it may be useful to someone else.
(Hint: $ xsltproc bookmarks.xslt bookmarks.xml > bookmarks.html)

CWCalendarName is a small PHP function that returns the Church of England liturgical name of the given date, for example, "Easter Day", "The Second Sunday after Trinity", "The Second Sunday before Advent", etc. What fun.

You can download a Java full-screen slideshow applet written by me. I used to use it on this site. But I now ordinary HTML pages served up from a PHP script, since low quality jpeg photographs don’t look very good when blown up to full-screen size.

Other stuff

You can contact me here.

Why my compact digicam needs a better lens, not more pixels.

You may be interested in the website of my local church, St Nic’s.

In the process of rescuing some data off my old LC475 Apple Macintosh, I’ve converted my PhD thesis on Dynamics of molecules and clusters at surfaces to pdf format.

Is it just me with telecoms companies?

I don’t know if it is just me or whether telecoms companies are all rubbish (see also below). I switched from BT to Toucan recently…. Update This story has a surprising and happy ending!

Battle with NTL and SORBS

This is now closed and I am moving back to BT. I didn’t get any satisfaction from the ombudsman, who said that the question of how NTL go about filtering spam (and thus the ‘collateral damage’ question) is a commercial decision by NTL and not something in which they can get involved. You can still see the log of my battle with NTL here.