Monday 15 August

Lazy morning, reading and getting some washing done. We have a brief look around the village – there isn’t much to it.

After lunch we embark on a walk up to the Pont de la Valloire. It is well signed, but our decision to try an unsigned track, though marked on the map, is a mistake. It is impassable due to a landslide and we must go back to the junction, which itself is no easy matter as there are felled trees lying across our way.

Texting on R’s mobile?

We climb up through the forest to Blanchon, Tansin, Grand Taillis (1085 m), Cordat, Pont Barrau, and finally Pont de la Valloire (980 m). When we are in the sun it is pretty hot going. There are no real views due to the trees surrounding the paths.

We return to the campsite along the main road and are back by half past four. We have covered about 6.3 km, plus about another kilometer along the path that was blocked, in about three hours (going slowly!) R was all right with it but needed a break at the Pont de la Valloire.