Tuesday 16 August

(magnify) On the ridge above Le Pleynet

A great shower this morning with copious hot water, and for breakfast our best croissants yet. It has to be said that we are not the quickest getting away this morning and it is about a quarter to ten when we finally get moving.

We drive up the valley to the ski station at the end, Le Pleynet. Since €7 for a return ticket on the chairlift is only one Euro more than a single we get returns as an insurance – in case we don’t feel like walking back down.

From the top we walk north along the ridge towards the viewpoint at Le Grand Rocher. There is cloud blowing up the next valley and over the ridge towards us, coming and going so that we catch fleeting glimpses of the tops.

(magnify) La Ferrière
(magnify) The Haut Bréda valley

It is quite busy up here today, and there is a large group already eating lunch at the view point when we arrive. By now much of the cloud has gone and the views are terrific, even across to Aix-les-Bains and Lac du Bourget.

(magnify) At Le Grand Rocher
(magnify) Descending to Le Pleynet

On our return we turn off the ridge just before the chairlift station and start to make our way down. By now it is very hot and we are glad of what little shade there is.

R is seriously hot as we reach the van, so we sit inside a café by an open window to escape the heat and have an ice cream each. In total we have walked ten kilometers, with a four hundred and fifty meter descent.

On the drive back we purchase a few essentials at the village store in La Ferrière, but we will do a proper shop in Allevard tomorrow.

Bit of a failure on the barbecue front tonight. I use minimal charcoal in the hope of it all burning away and cooling before the morning so that we can pack it up cold, but the barbecue never really gets going and we are forced to finish off the veal burgers under the grill in the van.