Friday 19 August

A fruitless 15 minute walk to find a baker, so breakfast is just cereal. (We don’t even contemplate yesterday’s jaw-breaking bread.)

We arrive in Bourg St Maurice mid morning and, after some slight difficulty finding somewhere suitable to park, leave the van and wander through the centre.

The woman in the tourist office is very enthusiastic about our plan to head for La Rosière and the Little St Bernard Pass and heartily recommends several possible walks. We buy some nice looking pastries to make up for our disappointing breakfast and then we are soon winding our way up to La Rosière.

It is lunchtime when we arrive so we drop into the local tourist information office to pick up a map of walks and then eat lunch in the van while a few drops of rain fall.

(magnify) Camping La Foret

La Rosière is teeming with people, in complete contrast to Le Collet de Allevard. We decide to check in at the one and only campsite straight away, because it would be a bit of a disaster if it was full, forcing us to drive all the way back down to the bottom again to find somewhere else.

The campsite, just a little way below La Ros (just how little we will find out later when we try to walk back up) is not busy, and is beautiful. The pitches are level and tall conifers provide plenty of shade. And it is much cooler, a combination of the shade and altitude.

(magnify) Evening light over Les Arcs

Later we walk up from the site into La Ros. The climb doesn’t take too long so R wants to see the main skiing area, where we were in March 2010. What was then a huge expanse of snow (“Rachel, do you have to visit every side of the piste?” “Yes, I want to get my money’s worth!”) is now transformed into an Alpine meadow.

We walk up the forest track (I remember skiing down this and dodging between trees at the side of the piste) nearly to the top where the ski run Papillon headed off towards Les Eucherts. We then make our way back down to La Ros for a well-earned ice cream before returning to the campsite. Grand views of snow-capped peaks.