Sunday 21 August

(magnify) Sheep being watered above La Rosière

I wake early so decide to go up to La Ros on my own to fetch bread and pains aux chocolat.

Today there is a clear blue sky but it is perhaps a bit more hazy than yesterday. Should we attempt the Fort walk? We finally decide to get the chairlift up and walk to the fort, and then if it is too hot we will come back down on the chairlift rather than walking it.

In the event it is a little cooler at the top, with a pleasant breeze, and we manage the walk to the fort easily. From there we can see a hive of activity down at the Little St Bernard Pass. We were told at the tourist office on Friday about the annual festival that they hold there, which includes cattle fights. It looks very busy and we are glad of our decision to avoid it.

(magnify) Shepherds’ Festival
Mount Blanc
(magnify) The fort
(magnify) Little St. Bernard Pass

We have a snack looking out over the steep red piste that leads down the Italian side and then begin walking down back towards Les Eucherts. It gets hotter and hotter as we descend and we stop for lunch half way down in the shade of a ski lift station. (There is no other shade at all.)

With every step, grasshoppers in all shades of green, brown, yellow, and red scatter from our path. Finally we reach Les Eucherts where we sit in the shade before continuing to La Ros by way of the woodland walk. On arrival an ice cream makes a very welcome appearance.

We are back at the campsite by early mid afternoon. After reading for a while I finally decide to take the plunge – literally – in the campsite swimming pool. It is deliciously refreshing.