Sunday 7 August

Wake at seven. I slept well and was not really bothered by the low ceiling of the over-cab bed in the camper van. Rachel slept all right but probably not quite as well as me.

We have cereal and pain au chocolat for breakfast. The weather has cheered up since yesterday; sunshine with clouds. We decide to take a short dander before leaving. Brunemont can probably be summed up as a nice olde worlde village with a church.

We’re away not long after nine, our destination set initially to Troyes. It is an easy drive with very little traffic around and beautiful weather.

We make one brief stop, and then have a picnic lunch at a service station not long after noon, just short of Châlons-en-Champagne.

(magnify) Lac de la Liez Our pitch

At around four in the afternoon we’ve had enough of driving and find a four star camping just east of Langres, the Lac de la Liez. It is a very nice site with a view (partly obscured by other campers) over the lake. There are various water sports available. The campsite is quite busy and the facilities are excellent – rather better (and more expensive) than we need.

(magnify) BBQ Chicken

After a walk next to the lake we return to the van for barbecued chicken and sauté potatoes.

I’m finding the driving of the camper van easier than I expected and on most roads it is not too noisy in the cab, though we do generally have to raise our voices a bit to talk to each other. I find that driving on the right I have a slight tendency to drift towards the hard shoulder during the after-lunch session.

We have decided today that Rachel has a definite bump. On Wednesday it will be twelve weeks. The book says that week twenty is the time for going into maternity clothes, but R has already bought some new jeans because her others were getting uncomfortably tight. She also borrowed a whole pile more off Vicki when we were down for Dad’s seventieth a week ago.

Another early night, though by now it is ten to ten. Exhausted.