Wednesday 18 October

Coloured rocks

This morning we walk down into Petra by a different valley. Colours swirl around us in the rocks on either side. There are more facades and tombs – some are in rather good condition, others almost obliterated.

Once nearly down to the main tourist site at the bottom, we turn up another valley and start climbing once more. The day is already very hot. There are some high thin clouds, but no trace of a breeze. We are passed by a few donkeys carrying their owners or tourists as we ascend the many steps up to the Monastery.

There is a glimpse of part of the carved roof just before we pass through a narrow cleft in the rock and then emerge into the large square in front of the Monastery. It is huge – more eroded than the Treasury but spectacular in its proportions. We relax with a drink in the cafe opposite, and then a few of us climb the last bit to a viewpoint that looks out over the whole of Petra.

Left: (magnify) Detail of the Monastery
Right: (magnify) The Monastery
Left: (magnify) Monastery and valley
Right: (magnify) Lizard (blue?)

Back at the bottom of the valley we take a brief look around the museum and then eat a packed lunch before heading back to the camp the way we came.

Back at the campsite