Thursday 6 April

Fog on the runway

There are no curtains in the room and I am wide awake by five thirty. It is hard to re-adjust to ‘normal’ times. Outside it is foggy and I watch it touch the far end of the runway and then slowly creep along the tarmac towards the lodge.

By the time we eat breakfast, the runway is completely enshrouded. Ramkrishna mentions that the longest he has ever waited to get out of Lukla is seven days. It is not really what we were hoping to hear right now.

We have just finished breakfast when a commotion breaks out from the direction of the runway. There is the sound of gunshots, cheering, and a bugle. Either it is the Maoists attacking, or the army’s morning rallying call. The fog completely obscures any view of what might be going on, so we hope that it is the latter.

We hear that due to the fog nothing will be moving at the airport until at least one this afternoon, so settle in for a morning of waiting.

As we finish lunch, the sound of rain on the roof begins. It increases in intensity and thunder begins to roll around. With the heavy rain is mixed in hail, and the sky goes dark. It clears soon after but there is still heavy cloud. To while away the time, we wander down to one of Lukla’s bars to play pool.

The cloud clears towards evening, but it is far too late for any flights so we have another night to look forward to in Lukla. By bed time, the sky is completely clear and the stars are out.