Saturday 8 April

At Bahrain, we have a wait of nearly four hours as we change planes. It is quite a pleasant airport, but at around midnight after our long day beginning in Lukla, I wish as usual in such situations that I could just get on with getting home.

The seat and legroom on Gulf Air flight GF7 to Heathrow is less generous than on the previous stretch. I manage to get a bit of sleep. We are twenty minutes late arriving and I narrowly miss my intended train at St Pancras.

Having survived Nepal without any dietary mishaps, I am nearly poisoned by the coffee on the 0855 to Nottingham. For a moment I wonder if I have just forgotten what English coffee tastes like, but then as my throat starts to tell me something is seriously wrong I quickly decide not and return it to the buffet car. It seems that the cause of my discomfort is cleaning fluid in the water heater. They have another go and manage to produce something a bit closer to what I was expecting.