Tuesday 22 February

(magnify) Towers on the docks

This morning I wander down for another look at the docks with Don. He has one photograph left in his camera and has decided exactly what it will be. It is a hot and sweaty 35 °C.

We reach the docks and walk along to the precise point where two tower blocks come almost together so that the balconies form a non-registering stepped pattern with each other. He seems happy with the shot. I take a few extra for good measure.

Shower back at the hotel and then wait for the bus to take us to the airport.

Our transfer bus is late. We wonder if the driver has been directed to the wrong hotel as Steve was on day one. After about 15 minutes we are just initiating telephone calls when a likely looking minibus pulls up outside the hotel. I step outside, but the driver has wandered off in the opposite direction. Then a large coach pulls in behind, completely blocking the intersection and its driver starts insisting that our minibus is moved.

After much faffing we finally get away. At the airport, we say goodbye to Steve, who is flying home a few hours later with Iberia, joking that we’ll probably see him again at Madrid. There is a large queue at the Aerolineas Argentinas check-in, but they seem to be processing it surprisingly quickly. Once through to the departure lounge I play the airport game and manage to get down to 15 cents – not too bad.

We proceed to boarding but we are sat on the plane for nearly an hour before it finally gets airborne. There is a tremendous amount of fussing around in the aisles by other passengers. A group of passengers comes on nearly half an hour after our scheduled departure time and then starts fiddling around with the overhead lockers.

As the plane picks up speed down the runway, the locker spills open and coats rain down on one poor woman sitting below. She is not best pleased and as soon as the seatbelt sign goes off she gets up to remonstrate with the air hostess.

The flight is endless. We’ve been allocated seats right at the back of the plane where we have the full benefit of the engine noise. It is quite bouncy too. I try to sleep but it is pretty-well impossible.