Monday 17 August

(magnify) From the San Isidro Labrador chapel

In our search for breakfast this morning we end up in a small juice bar near to the market. The coffee is very milky, though with a touch of what seems to be cinnamon, making a nice change.

Christ statue on the hill

We climb the hill to the San Isidro Labrador chapel, where there is a colonnade supporting a Christ statue with open arms overlooking the town. Behind is the chapel, but it is locked. Celendín looks a very manageable size from up here, perhaps roughly comparable to Calverton. A couple of children are playing furtively on the hill near the chapel. We suspect that they are truanting.

(magnify) Back of the church in Celendín

We eat pizza for lunch and then catch the Cajamarca bus. It is very crowded for the first part of the journey. We arrive in Cajamarca at about half past four, but our first choice of hotel is full.

We try several more with no success. Some are full. Others have dark rooms with no outside window. This is not what we had hoped for. Our luggage is weighing us down, so I stay guard with it in the main plaza while Rachel goes off to investigate the two remaining options from our short list.

Finally she is back. Success! She has got us a suite at the top of the Hostal Los Pinos for one hundred and twenty soles per night, after rejecting one of their ground floor rooms at the same price for not having an outside window. It really is very nice. The hotel is undergoing building work, but our suite is lovely (if slightly unfinished in places). We have a living room, bathroom and two bedrooms, with wonderful roof-top views over Cajamarca and out to Santa Apolonia Hill.

Roof-top view from our hotel to Santa Apolonia Hill

We eat dinner in a nearby restaurant. I have a just passable lasagna but Rachel wins decisively with a superb steak (second only to the one we had at the Bolivar restaurant in Caraz apparently). They have a tempting array of puddings. I go for the apple pie and Rachel for lemon meringue. The portions are huge.