Sunday 23 August

(magnify) Lovers’ Park

Today the breakfast is not quite as good; an apple replaces the ham and cheese roll. We walk down to the coast to see the sea. Grey sky, grey pebbles, and grey sea. The winter in Lima is not the most photogenic time to be here. Bobbing in the water though is a fair number of surfers, some in surf school clinging onto their boards making a circle around their instructor.

We walk through Lovers’ Park and then a short way south along the coast. It all looks very deserted and slightly threatening, so we retrace our steps and try the other way. Rachel feels the need to dip a toe into the Pacific Ocean, so she hobbles down over the stones to try to dodge the incoming surf while I get out my camera.

(magnify) Dipping a toe in the Pacific

We climb back up to the cliff and walk as far as the lighthouse before returning to the hotel for a shower and to change for our flight home.

We check out just before noon and spend an hour walking around Parque Kennedy waiting for a pancake place to open that I feel sure must be the one Barry and Anthea (missionary friends of James) took us to last time I was here, La Palachinke.

The lighthouse

However when it finally does open we find the prices are way more expensive than we had expected, so we go instead to one of the cafés just off the park on Avenue Larco. There we end up with two delicious pancakes to share: one chicken, and one ham and cheese, all with a yummy sauce. Rachel has some chocolate cake for pudding and I try a very sickly sweet gooey meringue and condensed milk concoction.

As we cross the street to look for a taxi the cloud breaks and suddenly we are basking in winter Lima sunshine for the first time. The first taxi that we hail does not want to go to the airport at all, but the second agrees to do it for $15 without even haggling. (The guide book says $15 is about right.)

We arrive at the airport three hours before departure. Rachel makes a valiant attempt to get us an upgrade but KLM are very firm and being on honeymoon is of no advantage to us. It seems that if you are not a frequent flyer then your chances of an upgrade are absolutely zero.

It is gloomy outside at around six in the evening as we taxi to the runway. The flight runs to time, but neither of us manages to sleep.