Sunday 2 August

(magnify) Morning view from our bungalow

We wake with the first light but take our time to get up. The boiled eggs, bread, and (non-thick) peach juice we have for breakfast in our bungalow is much better than the breakfast we paid for yesterday. The view from the bungalow window is lovely – rugged hills and a hazy blue sky.

We need to buy a few more provisions so we wander up the road to the nearest shop, which is actually nearly in Caraz. It is very hot and it is hard work returning up the track that seems to go on forever from the main road back to the resort.

We have lunch (although one of the hard boiled eggs looks slightly off so we leave it) and then take a siesta.

Back in the Plaza

It is about three when we head back into Caraz to try to find out what walks we can do in the area. I manage to hail a mototaxi that is just passing the bottom of the track as we arrive, which provides much appreciated relief from the hot walk into town.

Pony’s Expeditions is closed when we first pass, so we continue up to the cathedral. The walls are old, but the roof is a modern steel frame with corrugated iron covering it. A large open gap between the top of the walls and the roof makes it seem that the roof does not quite fit.

Back at Pony’s Expeditions, we find two day walks that we should be able to manage without much difficulty. From there we go on to the market and buy some sausages to go in a dinner and more fruit. We wanted to dine out tonight but it is Sunday and everything seems to be closing early. Eventually we give up and walk back to the resort. Fortunately it is much cooler now. Even so, it feels like we are having to work hard just to survive here in Caraz. Coming up with meals that we can cook on the twin gas hob is not easy, and we have a problem in the bungalow now – no water.

A sort of risotto

We find the housekeeper first, and then the young woman who welcomed us on Friday (we assume she is the owner) and finally succeed in communicating the problem. Presently the water returns, but we have to run the tap for a while to get rid of the brown colour!

Dinner is rather good – a sort of risotto with rice from the market and chicken noodle soup, peas, and the sausage – although the rice took ages to cook and was still a bit crunchy.

Fall into bed again. Early nights are becoming a habit.