Thursday 31 October

We have a lazy relaxing day today, but it is too warm in the room to sleep late. We have a choice of a day on a beach about 15 minutes away around the bay, or a boat trip to a series of beaches. I opt for the single beach, as I’ve spent a little too much time sitting in boats recently. Patricia locates some face-masks and snorkels for us, and finally we leave.

I’m not quite sure how I will endure a day of inactivity. However, the morning passes and I swim a bit, try snorkeling (although I can’t see much without glasses), and read.

Lunch is served in one of the small restaurants behind the shaded loungers we are occupying. The owner of the loungers has made clear to us that we are expected to eat lunch in his restaurant, and in the event the food (I choose squid) is very good. After lunch, I continue sitting in the restaurant to read, as it is too hot outside.

Patricia, Liz, and Nik arrive back from their boat tour, having seen dolphins and flying fish, and Patricia goes off to fetch the banana boat. When it arrives, a lunatic Venezuelan girl joins us and seems intent on capsizing it.