Thursday 21 October

Mai Chau Market

Mai Chau School


It should have been a lie-in until 8 am this morning, but a cockrel had other plans. We visit the market in Mai Chau just up the road from where we are staying. We enter the state-run fixed-price shop first, but there is little in there to detain us. Evidently there is little to detain anyone else either, judging from the lack of customers. Outside are the market stalls, selling everything from the straw mats used as floor coverings in every stilt house, to ironware, as well as a variety of meats and vegetables. The weather is much warmer today and the rain has stopped.

Our return journey to Hanoi that afternoon takes us first for a brief stop at a Muong village. The Muong people, we are told, are generally poorer and are distinguished by keeping livestock under their houses.

Back in Hanoi, we reunite with Jay and then walk to Gustav’s, an excellent French restaurant on the south side of the lake.