Monday 25 October

Our plane leaves at five minutes to midnight tonight, so we have decided to spend the day at Ocean Park, a theme park on the far side of Hong Kong Island. It takes some time to stow safely all of John’s aquisitions from the Temple Street market, as well as numerous previous souveneers, in bags suitable for the flight home, but finally we are ready to check out of the hotel.

Our first call is to Central, where we are able to check in our luggage for the flight, and leave our hand-luggage at the left-luggage office. It’s 11.15 am when we are finally done and go to find some breakfast. We’ve just missed the breakfast menu in a near-by café.

We take a bus across the island to Ocean Park. James is relieved to find that the Dragon roller-coaster is operational, despite a sign at the entrance to the contrary. It is a relaxing and fun way to end the holiday. The park is quite extensive, with some good rides, and the Dragon does not disappoint. The view across the bay from the cable-car is particularly splendid. Other highlights are the butterfly house, and the animated T-Rex dinosaur that rears up alarmingly over us as we walk past.

Moon over Hong Kong

Back to Central, and we find a good restaurant for dinner, after which the airport express whisks us back to Check Lop Kok airport. The plane leaves on time and is half-empty, giving us the opportunity to spread out into the empty seats in the rear cabin. Unfortunately, it is only after the passengers have redistributed themselves that I discover that due to a fault the cabin crew are unable to extinguish the lights in the rear cabin where I am now sitting. This makes sleeping rather more difficult than I had hoped. Still, only 12000 km to go.